Dressing Journals


 Day # 1


1- White scarf.

2- Beige top with white stars.

3-  White blazer.

4- Navi jeans.

5- Silver handbag.

6- White high heel shoes.

7- Silver watch, silver ring, silver bracelet.

Usually when I want to dress up to go out I stand in front of my closet for 10 Minutes to figure out what to wear. Each day I like to choose something different than the day before. Today I was at home the whole day tell my friend call me around 6:00 PM and asked me to come over to her place. However, I want to choose something to look nice in case we decided to go out for dinner. When I arrived to my friends house she told me that she’s cooking and we will spend our evening at her home. Dressing up  to go out after spending the day at home gives me a freshen up feeling and satisfaction about my self. The garment was so comfortable on me as I was comfortable in it. The only comment I get was form my friend, she said that I look nice to go out but we are staying at home. It came to my mind what Colin Campbell said about George Herbert Mead woke ” how individuals are viewed by other has to be a major determinant of how they regard themselves; in this case appearance cannot have the crucial role that such a theoretical assumption would necessarily accord it.” (Campbell 17)

 Day #2



1- Light and dark pink scarf.

2-White shirt.

3- Pink crochet sweater.

4- Blue jeans.

5- Nude flat shoes.

6- Gray bag, white watch, silver, pink, and pearl bracelet.

Today I have classes and my professor asked the whole class to wear blue jeans and white or black shirt, so I wear my favorite jeans that would match with any shirt and I choose the first white shirt I found in my closet. I felt that it’s so boring to wear just a white shirt with blue jeans so I looked in my closet for something colored because I like colors to add it to my out fit, I found the pink sweater and I thought it will look nice with a scarf that match and bracelets. Like accessorizing the garment makes it alive it makes me alive, happy, and confident. Although, I didn’t receive any comment that day about my out fit. ” Since clothes are worn on the body, it is tempting to see them as conveying a visual representation of psychological processes.Because they are a part of a system of objects whose use is subject to fashions and social norms, it is tempting to see them as representing material culture and social trend.” ( Tseelon 118)

Day #3



1- Turquoise scarf.

2- Flowery top.

3-Off white sweater.

4-Blue jeans.

5- Dark blue handbag, and nude shoes.

6- Silver watch, and silver ring.

7- Pink, black sunglasses.

Today is a beautiful day I had a doctor appointment, so after a drop off my daughter at her school I went to my appointment at Galleria, Sherman Oaks. For this day I got inspired by the wither and sky to pic my light turquoise hand made crochet scarf. For that I choose my out fit according to my scarf. The light turquoise is one of my favorite color because it goes will with my skin and hair color. The garment was so comfortable on me as I was comfortable on it as will. ” Comfort also signifies the comfort one might feel from the degree of fit between the outside of one’s body and its inside (the imagined self) – the way in which identity is mapped onto the body.” (Holliday 222). However,  when I walked to the doctor office I got a complement on my top from the nurse on the front desk, she liked my off white sweater and my top.

Day #4

Untitled-2 IMG_20141022_135112 copy


1-Flawery scarf.

2- White blouse and blue under top.

3- Jeans jacket.

4- Blue jeans pants.

5- blue handbag, and blue flat shoes.

6- Silver watch, silver bracelet, and silver rings.

Today I’m choosing to wear something special that I haven’t wear for a while, my jeans jacket. I had it for more than seven years it was one of my earlier collection in my old boutique that I had. This jacket is from an Italian brand that was made in Turkey where I get all my boutique merchant. I love this jacket because it goes with anything and it could be wear almost any where depending on what I’m wearing with it. Today I had classes from 8:00 AM till 3:10 PM so I choose to wear the jacket with a blue jeans and a white blouse to keep it simple and I add the flowery scarf to add some color, because I love color and I always try to add color to my out fit. Every time I wear this jacket I get a compliment on it so I’m always confident to wear it and I feel chic in it. The garment felt little bit formal in a casual way because of the jacket it kind of control the movement of the body. ” It is rarely the out fit it self that conveys the messages, but usually the sum total of ingredients that make a look” (Tseelon 118).

Day #5



1- Flowery scarf.

2- Flowery top.

3- Green blazer.

4- Dark gray jeans.

5- gold bag, and neon shoes.

6- Brawn watch, gold ring, and neon bracelet.

I got a call from my best friend in the after noon asking me to meet her in a caffe in Beverly Hill and then we went for an early dinner in Sunset boulevard. It was a beautiful day so, I wanted something colorful to look fresh. In my point of view, I think that the way we dress always affect our mood, for that when I ever feel tired or my mood is dawn I try to change that with my chose of cloth and make up. Therefore, I felt fresh especially with the green blazer and the flowery colored scarf reflecting on my face. Every piece of the garment  was in harmony with the other pieces, because of the consistency of the colors and its impact on each other. I receive a comment from someone in the caffe saying that I look good on green. “In term of dress, approaching it from a phenomenological framework means acknowledging the way in which dress works on the body which in turn works on and mediates the experience of self.” (Entwistle 44).

Day #6


hvbuoi IMG_20141017_115331 copy


1-  Beige scarf.

2-Flowery top.

3- Gray sweater with gold chain.

4- Navi jeans.

5- Purple handbag, and white gold sneakers.

6- White watch, gold and pearl bracelet, gold rings, and pink& black sunglasses.

Today is a busy day I have three doctors appointment two of them in Beverly Hill and the third was in Pasadena, my appointment are 8:00 AM, 10:00AM, and 3:00 PM. So when it comes to choosing my out fit I would choose something comfortable and appropriate. I also choose to wear my designer shoes and handbag because I’m going to Beverly Hill and almost all my doctor’s patients are always wearing designer garment which motivate me to choose my garment carefully. However, since I choose my garment carefully I was confident and comfortable wearing them, and the garment felt soft and smooth on my body. I got a complement on my scarf from one of my doctor telling me that he liked the crochet work on it, and another comment from my other doctor about my handbag she said it is so colorful and she liked it. ” we live in a society in which anyone can dress in any way she likes, then it follows that dress cannot de a significant indicator of social standing.” (Campbell 15)


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