Desire and Dread

Elie Saab


1-Do you see cultural trauma influence there collections?  IE war, poverty?

Elie Saab is a well known Lebanese  haute couture designer. He was known in the Arabs world sense he begin and he became so famous around the world when he start to dress up celebrity at the red carpet like Halle Berry at the Oscar.


The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Elie Saab comes from country that have suffer from war for a long time. The cities passed a number of disasters from earthquakes and wars throughout history, most recently the devastating Lebanese civil war. After the war, the state returned the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the cities, especially the middle and commercial marine and night clubs, restoring the shine of the cities and make its tourism attractive tourist destination. The New York Times Beirut to grant the first place among the list of places that should be visit also been classified among the top ten most dynamic cities by Lonely Planet tourist guide. “MasterCard” Index revealed that Beirut accounted for the second place in terms of the percentage of the tourist extravagance among all cities in the Middle East and Africa.(Samir Kassir)

images-1 images-2 images-4 images-5


However, I don’t see any cultural trauma that influence his collections and the reason for that in my opinion that Elie Saab did’n focus on that side of he’s culture he focused on the other side ; Lebanon is a beautiful country with its nature and historical culture; Lebanon has a history with the Egyptian civilization, Rome and Ottoman in addition of the French occupied it for a period of time. Lebanese were known for there elegant, chic, manners, and fashion. Elie Saab grow up in Beirut and it has been always his main source of inspiration.It shows in his design and color we cane see the Roman and the Victorian style. He’s dresses are so romantic, it characterized by luxury and sophistication and simplicity at the same time.

a18bddcf9b5d81d0509da0a915faeabf Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring Summer 2014 Paris

elie-saab-haute-couture-autumn-2012-pfw2-tile elie-saab-haute-couture-autumn-2013-00 images

2-Describe how women are being portrayed, through the use of construction, tailoring, embellishments, and silhouette.

Elie Saab portrayed women in a very feminine way And he shows the beauty of women landmarks. He also care about every tiny detail of the design. He work with fine materials, accurate embroideries with fabulous quality. Elie Saab specialty is the ultimate dress that highlights a woman’s silhouette.



3-What hierarchies of female power are being implemented?  How / and why do you think this?

Elie Saab depicted women as beautiful, elegant, and confident princess. Women are at the top off the hierarchies of female power; Wonen how wear Elie’s dresses are powerful and confident and they won the Oscars. By reference to Elie’s background and culture women plaid an important rolls they are mothers, sisters, and neighbors. They are will respected and appreciated in addition that Elie Saab start in a young age of 9 designing to his sisters and neighbors.


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