How Successful is Communication Vi Clothing? Thoughts and Evidence on an Unexamined Paradig

1-Is clothing meaning clear cut and straightforward or is variable and contingent?
Provide three examples, from three distinct campus groups.

In my opinion I think that clothing meaning is variable and contingent. people choose their out fit every day for different reasons; sometimes it’s clear and other times it’s vaguely. Each person has their own style and this style could change from time to time as the world change and people learn new thing every day.  However,  people don’t wear their own style all the time it depend on the place, the time, and the circumstances  surrounding.

The look of a person can be translate differently form one to another it depend on the eye of the beholder and haw  he sees and analyze. According to Tseelon” It is rarely the outfit itself that conveys the messages, but usually the sum total of ingredients that make a look, as well as the fit and manner in which it is worn. The same outfit can look sublime on one person and ridiculous on another.”(Tseelon 118).

I took photos of peoples’ outfit and pot them in groups.

The first group are The ELP Office:

When I asked Elina (on the left) about her outfit at that day she said that what she is wearing is not her style. She usually wear ” real pants” as she said not a leggings with colored top or a dress. The reason that she was wearing leggings that day it’s because she has been working for 12 hours and she wanted something comfortable.

In the other hand Becky (on the right) she remind me of a movie character that I don’t remember her name. About her outfit she said that this is her style and she wore that skirt because she like the way it feel to walk. She like elegant vintage style specially the styles from 1920-1930th.

DSC_0259 DSC_0264

The second groupe is The Student Assistant:

Joyce Wang (on the left) she is a business student. She like to be on style and this is her style that she was wearing. she said that she like to wear jeans and dresses over the knee.

(On the right) Eynah a Sociology student she said about what she is wearing ” I feel I want to look nice” she doesn’t have a specific style she like to be casual. She knows that the sleeper she is wearing doesn’t match but it’s comfortable for her.

DSC_0260 DSC_0262

The third group is The Social Science Student:

Arely a psychology student (on the left) she said that this is her style and she likes to wear what she feel it’s comfortable for her.

Aileen (on the right) an anthropology student said that she wear like this avery day and she like to wear shirt that has pictures of her favorite shows.

DSC_0266 DSC_0267


2-Create your own adaptation of the Definitions of the Concise Dictionary of Dress consisting of text and image. 

Armoured: 1- feeling of secure, 2- confident, 3- hiding the weakness and showing the strength.


Comfortable: 1- Without rules and restrictions, 2- my time my place, 3- accepting the body,


Conformist: 1- Compliance with the norms and customs, 2- traditionalist.


Creased: 1- reckless, 2-Indifferent in anyones thought, 3- fad of time, 4-having no interest or sympathy on appearance.


Essential: 1-absolutely must have, 2- basic for perfection, 3- fantasy dreamer.


Fashionable: 1-identical to the modern costume, 2- art of wear.


Loose: 1-Enjoy the freedom, 2-romantic feeling,


measured: 1- perfectly fitted, 2-template, 3-constructed, 4-preciseness in working.


Plain: 1- looking for identity, easy elegant

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 12.38.36 AM

Pretentious: 1-overambitious, 2- want to be known. 3-flamboyant


Tight: 1-Outside the comfort zone, hard to breath

Unknown-3 images-3





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