The Modern Western Fashion Pattern

1-Describe what you think is the classical Southern California American beauty?

When I came to the U.S. for the first time I came to Southern California LA. having this idea of I’m going to see everyone whit white skin, blonde hire, and athletic body like what I have seen in T.V.


But, the reality was different. I’ve seen Hispanic, Asians, and Arminian more that the American it was a mixture of different races. From my point of view, I think that this mixture is the beauty of Southern California you can see and learn about different cultures, different habits, and different styles. Each part of L.A as I saw has their own identity that shows in their style. for example when you go to a shopping mall in Glendale the majority there are Arminian they have dark hair beautiful big eyes with tan skin they ere so chic. Arminian women as I saw like to take care of them self and who they appear in public.


For that, there is some shops in that area considers the merchandise to meet there costumers need while the same shops in other areas like Arcadia has different style for their costumer where there is majority of Hispanic and Chinese, who’s their style are more simple. their likely to wear shorts with shirts.


However, the image that I had in my mind about the Southern California do exist in some areas like Orang County, with the white skin and blond hair. There style is usually simple beach style: shorts, tops,flip flops, or beach dresses it also shows in their shops.

Egner-Photography-Beach-IMG_4718-Edit-590x393 beach_fashion_collage

This differences in style in Souther California has to do with people’s background. It’s giving a statement about their selfs where they originally from and where they live. Campbell noted in the reading about fashion and identity ” …the style of the product the individuals purchase, use and display ‘says something’ about who they are” (campbell 14).

2- Describe how your families culture and your personal Aesthetics and how these may or may not influences how you choose to dress? Include a description / photo of your iconic garment.

I come from Islamic Middle Eastern culture that is based on religious values ​​and morals and at the same time cares about the outer appearance. For that, when I choose to dress I consider my religion, culture, and my personal aesthetics. Dressing conservative doesn’t mean to be out of fashion girls can be fashionable, stylish, trendy, and at the same time modesty and conservative. Usually I wear three liars  of garment plus the scarf: witch we call it (Hijab) to caver my hair. The Hijab is my iconic garment because it’s distinguishes me here in the U.S. Where ever I go I’m noticed by my hijab.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.13.20 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.46.58 AM


The Hijab can be worn in different ways and different styles. My style is modern classic it’s the way I like to wear my hand made crochet Hijab. It’ also can be made with different types of fabric: Lace, Cotton, Silk….ets

images-1 images-3 images-6 images-5

3- Who is your fashion icon?  Who are the people you follow and admire in terms of dress? Please post images and describe how the person dresses?

I don’t have a specific fashion icon, my style change from time to time depending on the place, time, and the trend. However, there are some figures that I’m Interested in because of their style. In terms of dress I like to follow Turkish Celebrities the have good taste of fashion that fits my taste. Tuba is a Turkish actress she is elegant, chick, and simple at the same time. My style is close to some of her looks they are simple and chick like in this picture she is wearing a black blazer, white shirt, and blue jeans. with red high heel and accessories. The look is so simple the accessorize and the red shoes that she add gives the outfit a marvelous look.



In this picture Tuba is wearing a balk and white suit jacket with black trousers. she add to this look by Lifting the sleeves and wearing big black bracelet. She add color to this outfit by wearing a red lipstick.

Tam ekran yakalama 19.06.2014 142956 - Kopya.bmp


This is a mixture of her every day looks it’s mostly black and white maybe because of the season.







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