Museum Report


For my museum report I went to the Craft and Folk Art Museum. The museum has two floors; the first floor was the first solo museum exhibition of TED global fellow Nathalie Miebach in Los Angeles. The second floor was an exhibition of nine artist, Alex Cohen, Alicia McCarthy, Carmen Papalia, John Ratiff (swan), justin “Kutmah” McNulty, Kal Spelletich, liz Harris, Michael Bernard Loggins, Sue Topkins. However, when I walked in to Nathalie Miebach exhibition (Changing Wathers) I was stunned by the sculptures. The first thing came to my mind was Six Flags; which is a colorful amusement park. I was astonished by the colors and the design of the sculptures they looked like an amusement parks and the music notes complete the theme. Only, when you come closer to the sculpture there are some date information’s what made me wandered what to indicate. There was a video of the artist Miebach explaining her work; it’s impressive how she made the sculpture combining art, science, and music. She translates scientific data into musical scores and complex woven sculptures.

Nathalie Miebachs’ woks focused on the intersection of art, Science, and the visual articulation of scientific observation. She uses the methodologies and processes of both disciplines. Moreover, she translates scientific data related to astronomy, ecology and meteorology woven sculptures. She use simple basket weaving method and each color represents weather element.

“To Hear an Ocean in The Whisper” this sculpture was made in 2013. She used data, wood, reed, rope, and paper. It’s a collaborative project with acoustic engineer an oceanographer Jonathan Finke. The sculpture explores biological, meteorological, and physical processes that are the foundation of the rich marine life of Georges Bank in the Gulf of Maine.

I’m not a scientist and I don’t know much about science. Yet, seeing and reading about the sculptures gave some understanding about the design, the use of colors, as will as the details. She inspired me to think out of the box to try to combine different ideas together and to think bravely  to do new thing. I’m so amazed by the combination of art, science, and music. As she said if the sculpture were position on an art museum it’s a piece of art, if it placed in a science museum it’s a scientific piece, and if the music note were played in a musical instrument it’s music.


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