Art 338

Creating Complex Color Blends:

1- In illustrator select the polygon tool and create polygon.

2- Apply a stroke in a contrasting color.

3-Cope and past the polygon and change the scale to 25%.

5-Centeralize the small polygon in to the big one.

6- Apply a new fill and stroke color to the central polygon.

7- use the blend tool in the middle.

8- Drag the polygon to have four of them attach to each other and have a diamond shape in the middle.

9- make a cope of the diamond, change the size of the cope, and place it in the center of the first diamond.

10- Fill the diamond with contrast color, and apply a blend to it.

11- Show rulers and guides on the design and select the square in the middle.

12- Define the pattern and fill it in a new document.

polygon prent


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