Reading Response #2: Sewing Notion

From the reading “Sewing Notion” that was written by Julia Bryan-Wilson she mentioned how todays craft is not only an artistic trend being rapidly institutionalized; it is also prospering project that occur within a larger geopolitical context of mass production. and how is the real state of craft today is multiple. The line is not clear between manufacturer and handiwork; even if a product was  manufacture there was a lot of hands that worked on it.

In my opinion crafts that are accomplished by artist their ether carried out for the art or it could be for art and business at the same time, but in the other hand manufactures are produced just for the business. Moreover, their are some propinquity. Craft are made by hand or by using simple tools. However, manufactures are produced by machines that can not be operated without hands to move them or program them.


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