Designer Report

Designer Report

(Alexandra Becket)


Alexandra Becket grows up and lived in Los Angeles, she graduate from University of California Santa Cruz with BA in Studio Art. Also, she went to L’Accademia Della Belle Art in Bologna, Italy where she began Painting on Fabric: her signature medium. Becket started as a textile designer her original artworks are created on silk with water-based paint. She said, “Painting on silk with water-based paint has fluidity to it, but can also be controlled by using a technique similar to batik.  I like that it has a watercolor-like feel but has the option of a more controlled hand.  Silk takes hold of color beautifully.  It’s vibrant, with a nice softness to it.” She had her own company, unico studio that located in Los Angeles. However, she focused on creating on-of-a-kind prints for home décor and fashion industry. Moreover, she worked on wall hangings, painting, and home décor accessories.

In 2010, Becket started what she could ModOp with her husband in Los Angeles. This company specialized in home regeneration and indoor design. She works in rejuvenate anguished properties with maintaining the original character of each property at the same time. Also, she has design consultation for remodels and complete renovation. She said about this project “Staging is so much like painting.  You start with a blank canvas, compose a design that suits the space and create a feeling with different elements. I enjoy making each home come to life by creating environments that people can picture themselves living in.”

Becket was influenced by her hometown Los Angeles and her artist roots. She is the granddaughter of Welton Becket. Welton Becket is the artistic who designed some of the famous landmark in Los Angeles like: the Capitol Records, the Music Center, the Beverly Hilton, the pan Pacific Auditorium…and others. Likewise, the geometry of modernism, the sharp angled, and graceful curvature influenced her.

The painting program that Becket took in Bologna inspired her to create large body of work she made experiment using natural pigment powder, painting on cotton, linen, and silk. The big influence she got from there was the rich architectural landscape and natural earth tones of the buildings.

Becket fabric designs are obtained by high-end fabric manufacturer like; Anthropologies, Trina Turk, Pottery Barn, Target, BCBG, Rozae Nichols, Vince Clothing, Guess, Bebe, Quicksilver, Tadashi, Laundry, St. John and many others. However, some designer would use Becket print in their collection just to associate her name to their work.

Finally, Becket started to make a new line of custom rugs and pillow. She said that she loves making a living from her artwork. Her dream project is to design interiors of Mid-century home, incorporating custom fabrics, lighting, upholstery, rugs, artwork, and ear appropriate furniture.


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