from: Material with Memory

Is there a connection between African and Asian cloth? When we see a printed batik design we think that it’s an african fabric. However, it’s originally comes from Indonesia it was adopted by the Dutch; they manufacture the batik printing fabric in Holland and England then sold it to African market. It wasn’t popular in Indonesia to use manufacturer cloth. Moreover, all kind of fabric has their own history. There are three artist Yinka Shounibare, Morgan Puett, and Kimsooja who sew cloth as some kind of a method of communication and a way of remembering. They have personal meaning, making, and cultural memory. cloth are no longer medium of politics and instrument on account of the Westernized. Shonibare indicate his cleverness and use his migration as a Nigerian how born and live in British in to his work to create an optimistic image of race by ” African Cloth.” His Cultural experience add frequently unique caricatures to his work. Puett uses the subject of slavery in her work she had  wonderful ideas about the Cottage Industry it has much meaning and passion. Kimsooja anticipate her experience it was really shown in her work”Planted Names”. With the passing of time there are a tight association in peoples minds that each cloth has their own significance.


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