Jean Paul Gaultier


ImageJean Paul Gaultier French haute couture and pret- porter fashion designer was born April 42, 1952. Gaultier was the creative director of Hermes 2003 till 2010. He was hosted in television series Euotrash in the past. he was nominee for datum award for best costume. Gaultier has never received formal training as a designer he start sending sketches to famous couture stylists at an early age. However, he got hired by Pierre Cardin as an assistant in 1970. In 1971 he worked with Jacques Estevel and then later with Jean Patou. After that in 1974 he managed Pierre Cardin boutique in Manila for a year. Gaultier first individual collection was in 1976.he was known “infant terrible” of French fashion. He earnd his popularity by shocking people in his exhibition by using unconventional models like old men, full- figured women, pierced, heavily tattooed model and play with traditional gender roles in his show.ImageImage

Image Gaultier was also known of t he cone- shaped pra that was made for Madonna in 1990

ImageBeside his collection he had a fragrance line packaged in his signature torso shaped bottle.



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